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Areas of Focus


CanSinos main Research and Development focus is vaccines. Our expertise range from antigen discovery, antigen overexpression, purification and formulation to proof-of-concept preclinical evaluation, production process development and assay development.


The team is well equipped with microbiology, molecular and cell biology, immunology and biochemistry lab resources as well as animal research facility. Working alone and with partners, the R&D team has built a strong pipeline. The vaccine candidates currently undergoing preclinical studies include recombinant protein-based pneumococcal vaccines, adenovirus-based recombinant TB vaccines, and polyvalent conjugate vaccines. In parallel, we have also developed novel carrier proteins and other viral vector based new vaccine candidates. A number of vaccine-producing bacterial strains have been engineered using recombinant technologies, and these strains allow us to accomplish exceptionally high vaccine yields and simplify manufacture processes. The component pertussis vaccine has already advanced into scale-up production phase, and it has been proved to outperform its peers in both quality and productivity. Additionally, construction of a genetically detoxified diphtheria toxoid CRM197-overexpressing Corynebacterium diphtheria strain brought about a technical breakthrough in carrier protein production.