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CanSino offers a wide range of programs and services to help our employees improve their skills, grow in their career, and meet their commitments to both their personal lives and their jobs.


Attractive compensation and benefits programs

- Pension Insurance; Occupational Injury Insurance; Health Care Insurance; Unemployment

  Insurance; Maternity Insurance; Housing Provident Funds
- Competitive salary, annual performance bonus
- Generous holiday entitlement; Maternity and paternity leave
- Miscellaneous local allowances


Care for Employees

- Periodic physical examination
- Nutritious lunch; Shuttle bus
- The annual travel; Colorful and rich in cultural and sports activities; Staff birthday party

   and holiday gift


Continuing personal development

- A Good Mentor
- Perfect training system
- Fair competition platform
- Occupation development opportunities for diversification


Working with the best people

- Friendly working environment
- Humanized management system


Stock Options